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Sync, Report, Manage, and Automate with all your stripe data inside of HubSpot

If you use Stripe, you need this HubSpot app.

Create, Update, Pause, Cancel, & Refund Stripe subscriptions right in HubSpot. Create payment links on the spot, map your HubSpot products to Stripe, make workflows based upon Stripe events, and maintain data integrity.

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Why Zaybra?

Leverage your Stripe Data right inside of HubSpot

Manage Data

Manage Stripe Data Directly in HubSpot

Create Stripe payment links, trigger workflows, and view invoices all within HubSpot.

Reliable Reporting

Reliable Reporting All in One Place

Report on Stripe activity natively in HubSpot Dashboards.

Ease of Use

Automate and Scale

Use subscription data to accelerate your flywheel.

Features You'll Love

Sync Subscriptions
Send Branded Quotes
Create Payment Links
Unified Data from Stripe + HubSpot
View Stripe Customer Data
Automate with Stripe Events

How Zaybra Works


01 Sync

Sync standard objects like Contacts, Companies, and Products bidirectionally. Sync Subscriptions as either custom objects or deals, and even your transactions as custom objects to HubSpot.


02 Manage

Upgrade, Downgrade, Pause, Cancel, and Refund Subscriptions all without leaving HubSpot. Create payment links, collect credit cards over the phone, or send branded quotes and automatically create subscriptions in Stripe.


03 Automate

Leverage HubSpot automation triggered by key Stripe events to create tasks, send emails, update records, or any other action inside of HubSpot.


04 Report

Combine your HubSpot and Stripe data to report on your CRM and payments in a unified view. Easily report on LTV, CAC, MRR, Churn, Attribution, Upgrades, and Downgrades - all using HubSpot reporting and dashboards.


Plans & Pricing

A "seat" allows for a user to edit or create Stripe data from HubSpot. Any HubSpot user is able to view Zaybra data in HubSpot for free.

MRR is based on your total monthly transaction revenue in Stripe.

For Early-Stage Startups
$199 / month

Basic Basic Plan

What’s included:
Check Circle All analytics features
Check Circle Includes 2 seats
Check Circle Up to $250k MRR
For Big Companies
$599 / month

icon-3 Enterprise Plan

What’s included:
Check Circle All analytics features
Check Circle Custom Marketing Plan
Check Circle Includes 10 seats
Check Circle Up to $2m MRR

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