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Creating Transaction Failed Alerts in Zaybra

Learn how to set up alerts for failed Stripe transactions in HubSpot quickly and easily using Zaybra, an essential tool from A8 Labs.

Knowing when a customer’s transaction didn’t go as planned is an important part of keeping your revenue streams flowing. With Zaybra, you can set up automatic alerts in HubSpot when a Stripe transaction doesn’t go through. This guide explains how to create a simple “transaction failed” workflow. 

Building the workflow

Create a new, contact-based workflow. Start with a blank slate.


Set the trigger

At the bottom of the list of possible triggers, select “Zaybra: Transaction Failed.” This will tell the workflow to start every time a transaction in Zaybra doesn’t go as planned. 

When you select this trigger, you’ll be prompted to choose occurrence dates. Set “Occured” to “is after” and enter today’s date. Then apply the filter. 

This will catch all instances from that day onward. 

Write your notification

Next, create a new action in the workflow. Select “Send in-app notification.”

You can now decide who will be notified, the subject of the notification, and the body text. 

In addition to (or instead of) an in-app notification, you can also add an action for an internal email as another alert. 

Create a task 

Now create a new action and select “Create task” under the “Record management” section. The next screen will allow you to set your task preferences. 

Turning on the workflow

When all your desired actions are set up, it’s time to turn on the workflow. Make sure you enable contact re-enrollment so all errors get caught regardless of whether a user has had an error before.  

The final workflow should look something like the screenshot below. 


Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide. 


Jonathan Stevens

Jonathan Stevens

Jonathan is a Product Support Specialist at A8 Labs. He helps professionals power up their HubSpot experience by supporting the most powerful apps in the HubSpot marketplace.

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