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How to send invoice to finance when buyer information is not known

How you can do a enterprise use case with Zaybra where you want to send an invoice without having collected payment information on a quote

So you’re using Zaybra to create invoices and subscriptions. Sometimes however, you need tos end the invoice to the finance department, instead to the person (buyer) you have been dealing with.

How do we make that happen? Two ways to achieve that

1) Create a hosted invoice/payment link

2) Create a workflow that triggers on deal stage, creates the invoice and sends it

To accomplish this, we can make a simple and easy workflow! But before we jump in, let’s take a look at how Zaybra handles subscription upgrades and downgrades.

Create a hosted invoice/payment link

Create a subscription, select the products that you want to be included (these are the products that Zaybra has synced over to Hubspot from your Stripe account). Now you can generate the link, and share it to the sales rep or to the client's finance team. 

The payment link is using your stripe payment settings, meaning that the payment methods you accept on Stripe, will be available here when the client accesses the payment page.


Automatic generation of payment links

Now, this is something we at hapily use, and are happy to see lot of our clients using too. This essentially means that the process is executed automatically, by a workflow, when a certain condition is met.

In this case, the workflow triggers when a deal is moved to a stage "send invoice". At this point we are prompted to fill a property, to where (email address) this invoice should be sent.

Now, on our workflow we use Zaybra workflow action to create Stripe invoice, we include the relevant line items (from the deal object), and send it to the email address we have chosen.

Check out both methods in more detail from the video below!

HubSpot Video


Niklas Vaittinen

Niklas Vaittinen

Niklas is in charge of lead generation and growth at hapily. He is enthusiastic to supercharge HubSpot capabilities through building new apps for the HubSpot marketplace.

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