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How Zaybra powered Kinsta’s plan for product-led growth

Kinsta needed a view into account status, upgrades/downgrades, and growth. Zaybra gave them the ideal visibility solution.



Application hosting 

Database hosting

Managed WordPress hosting





Subscription statuses visible on contact records 

Company-level revenue reporting 

Improved upgrade/downgrade process

More Results

Self-service without sales disruption

Product-led growth strategic support

About the company


Kinsta is a premium Cloud Platform designed to make running web projects of all sizes quick and seamless. Their services include Application Hosting, Database Hosting, and Managed WordPress Hosting, all of which are available to use in their easy-to-use MyKinsta dashboard. Kinsta was founded in 2013 and currently serves 55,000+ users from 128 countries around the globe.

The Story


As a large-scale SaaS company, Kinsta needed visibility into their account statuses but lacked the integrations that would make it possible. They were ready to start pushing a product-led growth strategy but required stable, interconnected systems that empowered sales and enabled self-service. Kinsta couldn’t do it with HubSpot or Stripe alone – that’s where Zaybra came in.

icon step one

Step One

Use Zaybra to integrate Stripe and HubSpot and track subscriptions on contacts.

icon step two

Step Two

Set up reports for company-level revenue and MRR attribution.

icon step three

Step Three

Use Zaybra data and monitoring to fuel product-led growth.

The Solution


After implementing Zaybra, the increase in Kinsta’s account visibility was dramatic. Attribution reporting is now thorough and informative, helping Kinsta to monitor current accounts, upsell, and support growth. 

Sales-led and self-service subscription actions work in harmony and statuses are visible directly on each contact record. Kinsta’s product-led growth strategy now has the stable ground it needs to thrive.

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