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How Shapeways Used Zaybra to Build a Streamlined Quoting Process

What started as a jumble of ad-hoc quotes and deals became a transparent system
of efficient sales and reporting that’s primed for exponential growth.

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About the company

About Shapeways

Shapeways is a 3D printing marketplace and service with over 1 million customers worldwide. They produce more than 21 million parts for industries from medicine to jewelry and beyond.

The Story


Shapeways has an incredible online system for managing 3D printing projects from idea to creation to delivery, but their internal sales and reporting systems were another story.

Sales reps were forced to create ad hoc deals that clashed with existing products and records. Marketing couldn’t accurately see customer subscription status. And while it was exciting that Shapeways began acquiring more businesses, their growth also meant they needed to get everything on one payment platform – and fast. 

Frustrated and considering churning from Stripe, Shapeways turned to Zaybra.

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Step One

Mapping products and prices from Stripe to HubSpot through Zaybra

icon step two

Step Two

Setting up accurate subscription reporting and statuses in the CRM

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Step Three

Enabling sales reps to create quotes and change customer statuses without altering important records

The Solution


Zaybra created a straightforward, scalable connection between Shapeways’ HubSpot and Stripe accounts. Provisioning from Stripe is accurate, the business process for quoting is standardized and functional, and marketing can monitor monthly recurring revenue in a way that helps decrease churn and increase cross-sells.

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Finally, an integration that connects the payment processor you rely on with the CRM you love.

Map Products Between HubSpot and Stripe