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Zaybra for Finance

Revenue data exactly where it's supposed to be.

Zaybra puts subscription and transaction data from Stripe front and center inside HubSpot. Create all of the reports you need to accurately forecast and collect without having to poke and prod another team or log into Stripe itself.  Save your sanity and recoup hours every week.

Manual data entry completely eliminated. 


Subscription and revenue data are no longer locked away in a Stripe account far from the relations it needs. All of the crucial subscription data points like Total Payments Made, Total Contract Value, and Paid In Full subscriptions against true MRR are all possible right out of the box. Projecting cash flow has never felt so simple. 

MRR Forecasting

See monthly recurring revenue by Contact or Company directly on the record. Build reports to see MRR by product or by Sales rep, and even see forecasted revenue at a glance.


mrr forecasting


Visualize Aging AR

The difference between expected revenue versus actual paid revenue is usually an exercise in exports and Excel. Now in HubSpot natively you’ll be able to break anything out for reporting and analysis, even outstanding balances and their time past due.


visualize aging AR

Activity Based Reports

Bring Stripe and Sales data together to automate the calculations of commissions, bonuses, or any other sales-led accounting function directly in the HubSpot dashboard, complete with email alerts! 


activity based reports

Invoice from HubSpot

Your team can manage invoicing and one-off transactions directly in HubSpot, so feel free to close the other 10 tabs. All of your billing activity is now central to the Contact record so all activity is visible to every team. 


invoice from HubSpot


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