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Zaybra for Marketers

Revenue data to power every marketer’s dream.

Expand your campaigns’ audience and dive deeper into targeted messaging with hyper-focused, product-led growth via Stripe subscription data. You’ll have more reasons to connect with customers than ever.

More customer data means more conversions.


Personalize every conversation and touchpoint with revenue and product data. Having Stripe Subscriptions and Transactions available on their own object lets you segment by purchase type, by number of payments, or even if they’ve upgraded or downgraded. More opportunities to affect the bottom line are now at your fingertips.

End-to-End Attribution

Finally reveal which marketing initiatives are working and their exact financial impact. Leveraging HubSpot's native attribution tools, you can plot the customer journey all the way to the Stripe transaction. 



End to end Attribution



HubSpot lists can now be natively configured to segment customers by their purchasing behavior. At a glance, a dashboard can visualize the distribution of offerings against other relevant actions taken. 





Product-Led Growth

The easiest person to sell to is one that’s purchased from you before. Upsells and cross-sells are a breeze when that data is directly associated to the Contact. Fire off related product offers or even invite users to a VIP program on their nth payment.  



Product Led Growth


Automate Everything

With Stripe’s webhooks acting as workflow triggers, more and more automations can be made. Create an ecommerce style post checkout sequence or even a different nurture based on their purchased product.



Automate everything


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