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Zaybra for Non-Profits

Manage donations and donors with direct data from Stripe.

Understanding the size and frequency of donors used to require an export from Stripe against your list of Contacts. With Zaybra, you are able to not only see all of your donations directly on the Contact in HubSpot, you can also build powerful automations to segment and incentivize, attributing your revenue directly to sales and marketing activities.

Yes, it even brings your historical donations into HubSpot!

Leverage HubSpot CRM to truly manage the people who support your cause.

Automate engagement and increase loyalty

Powerful workflow triggers are at your disposal with Zaybra. Trigger thank you emails for first time donors. When a recurring donor’s payment fails, send a quick alert to their relationship advisor. Send a VIP gift to Contacts on their third donation. All Stripe actions can be used to power an event in HubSpot.

Instant and clear reporting with attribution

Know exactly which channels are producing the most donors and more importantly, the right type of donor. Having your revenue data in your CRM puts revealing dashboards by your side as you evaluate sales and marketing activity. The reports you’ve been waiting for are now available thanks to Zaybra and HubSpot combined.

Next-level donor management.

Create payment links on the fly

Take donations of any size at any time with Stripe payment links created directly from HubSpot. The link is logged into the activity timeline so anyone can quickly resend the link. Once paid it can then be used to trigger a workflow or update any other fields.


Zaybra-NGO-Create paymentlinks-1

Take dozens of payment methods

Our Zaybra custom quote template acts not only as a quote, but also as an invoice from which a Donor can pay directly. Donors can pay with credit card, ACH, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more. If your Stripe account accepts it, we can make it a payment method on your quote. 


Zaybra-NGO-payment methods-1

Easily see donor history

With every transaction in HubSpot, you’ll be able to report on any donation that comes into your Stripe account. Donation data means your outreach team will know when to reach out, how to speak to the Contact, and the total amount that has come in from each Donor, all at a glance.


Zaybra-NGO-Donor history

Segment donors based on amount/frequency/timing

In non-profit messaging, personalization is necessary. Each email and call needs to be tailored to what type of donor is on the other end. Zaybra allows you to easily classify and segment one-time donors from recurring donations, donors by amount, and more. All donation data is stored on either Subscription or Transaction objects (Deal objects for non-enterprise HubSpot accounts) so you can natively leverage the data.


Zaybra-NGO-Segment donors

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