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Zaybra for RevOps

Empower every team in the organization with crucial subscription data.

With constantly syncing and historical Stripe data at your fingertips, RevOps teams have the ability to leverage the multitude of HubSpot features to leave no subscription datapoint unexamined. Forecast, manage provisions, cross-sell, and report with ease. To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Workflows, sequences, automations, and dashboards with everything Stripe has to offer.


Subscription and revenue data are no longer locked away in a Stripe account you aren’t allowed to access. With those vital statistics now front and center in HubSpot, you can provide the information to allow stakeholders to take action and you to keep the growth going.

MRR Reporting

See monthly recurring revenue by Contact or Company directly on the record. Build reports to see MRR by product or sales rep and forecasted revenue at a glance.





Visualize Upgrades/Downgrades

See the lifecycle of a customer as they grow with your products. Our “delta objects” allow for the graphing of upgrades and downgrades by Contact or even by product.



Upgrade Subscription Screenshot


Stripe-based Triggers

Seamlessly integrate Stripe and HubSpot with Stripe-based Triggers. Automate win-back campaigns, welcome new subscribers, and schedule follow-up tasks for your sales team.



Stripe Based Triggers


Recapture Revenue

Past due payments and failed transactions are put front and center with your CRM. Build a variety of reports and automated emails to keep your visibility high and your churn low. 



Recapture Revenue


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