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Zaybra VS. Zapier

Zaybra and Zapier are both great in their own rights! But when it comes to Stripe - HubSpot integrations, one reigns supreme. Let's find out which!

Stripe and HubSpot are the Super Mario Bros. when it comes to managing a business. Stripe to help you process payments and HubSpot to manage… everything else! That’s why you want to use an awesome integration to add your Stripe data to HubSpot.

You’ve scoured the vast lands of the internet, gone on a magical journey of self-discovery, and even defeated a dark lord on the way (Nice going). You finally discovered two Stripe - HubSpot integrations: Zaybra and Zapier.

While they can both get the job done, one does it noticeably better than the other! Let’s take a look at how these two apps unite your Stripe and HubSpot.


How Zaybra integrates your Stripe into HubSpot

Maybe I’m spoiling the finale of this post by saying this, but Zaybra is definitely the way to go! It brings your Stripe data into HubSpot by creating object records. Stripe Customers, Subscriptions, and Transactions will be reincarnated into HubSpot as Contacts, Zaybra Subscriptions, and Zaybra Transactions.

How to integrate Stripe into HubSpot

Did I mention there’s no limit? Because there’s no limit. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 records in your Stripe or 3000. Zaybra will bring them over along with any that get added later on!

But perhaps you updated one of your records in Stripe? Or maybe you added a new one? No problem! Zaybra constantly monitors your Stripe account. So if any changes are made to your records in Stripe you can be certain it will update HubSpot for you.

And the best part is, it’s FAST. You enter your Stripe keys into the hapily portal, click Start sync, and Zaybra will take care of the rest.

What's a good Stripe to HubSpot integration?

How Zapier integrates your Stripe into HubSpot

Let me make one thing clear: I LOVE Zapier. It’s a great all-around automation solution. The automations you can create with it just tend to be on a smaller scale.

With Zapier, you can create “Zaps” for every automation you need. This includes bringing over and updating records in HubSpot. But there’s the problem:

You have to create each Zap individually.

That’s no big deal if you only want Contact records brought over or only need a few Stripe updates to reflect in HubSpot. But let’s say you want all the data to be brought over. All the updates to reflect in HubSpot. You’d have to create a Zap for each and every one.

New customer created in Stripe? Make a Zap for it. New subscription? Make a Zap for it. Not to mention the fact that these Zaps are a one way street.

Plus, the triggers as well as the types of updates you can make are pretty limited. For example, you can’t bring over subscriptions as custom object records. You have to rely on standard ones to get the job done.

How Zapier integrates Stripe with HubSpot

Finally, even Zapier's biggest plans tend to limit the amount of tasks that can be carried out to 2k per month. If you have a big business, this can be a big problem.

Like I said, I really like Zapier. It just can’t handle a massive integration like Stripe - HubSpot the way Zaybra can. All of the automations you have to set up manually with Zapier come already bundled with Zaybra.

Zapier also has a pesky task limit while Zaybra invites you to keep shoveling work onto its plate! There really is no contest here. Zaybra is the winner!

If you enjoyed this post, why not share it with your friends? And if you want to see what else Zaybra can do, check out this blog post on 5 Ways Zaybra Keeps Your HubSpot and Stripe Data Up to Date!


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David Staat

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