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Zaybra for Memberships

Put your members first with end-to-end revenue management within HubSpot.

Whether you’re a mastermind group or a discount club, if you take your membership dues with Stripe and use HubSpot, Zaybra puts full management of your revenue directly in the CRM. Start off by syncing all of your historical data and then build every report you always wanted, linking your sales and marketing data to your payments.

Seeing the when, why, and how just got a whole lot easier inside of HubSpot!

See and manage revenue in one place.

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Sync historical data and everything moving forward almost instantly

Upon installing Zaybra, we sync you entire Stripe account to HubSpot so you can get to value on the first day. Leveraging Stripe’s webhooks, everything that happens in Stripe will be visible in HubSpot moments later, even displaying on the activity timeline for all to keep tabs on.


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Create, update, cancel, pause, and refund memberships

Now your team member can fully manage subscription status from the Contact record. Add new products to their subscription, take a credit card over the phone, partially or fully refund members, or even cancel their services. Everything is available right in HubSpot.


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Fetch the last invoice or generate new invoices in Hubspot

The finance team doesn’t need to inundated with simple tasks such as looking at payment statuses or resending invoices. We keep Stripe data directly on Contacts, Subscriptions, and Transactions, included the last invoice and payment link used, so everything you need is a click away.


Powerful automation and data attribution

Create powerful automation to update and engage members

Zaybra allows you to trigger HubSpot workflows with Stripe activity such as when a Subscription is created or when a payment fails. Create an ecommerce-like experience by sending a thank you email based upon the product they purchased or alert their account manager when their credit card is denied. Scale your members and their success without scaling your headcount.

Bring true payments data attribution to your dashboards

With all of Stripe’s data now natively in HubSpot, your reports will flourish with revealing insights on how much revenue was truly generated from sales and marketing motions. Reporting on aging AR, churn, upgrades, length of membership, total amount of dollars spent by VIP members, and whatever else your executive could possibly ask for. 

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